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Canadian M4 Airsoft Guns

Given its popularity as a real gun, the M4 is a very popular choice for airsofters in Canada.


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The M4 (the real gun) is a shorter evolution of the AR-15 (aka M-16) assault rifle. It is shorter and more maneoverable. You can get some of the best models as an electric soft air rifle. However, it is also available in gas and spring models.

The M4 is perhaps one of the most popular airsoft rifles in Canada. There are literally hundreds of available models and accesories. You can purchase grenade launchers and many other items related.

Buy M4 airsoft in Canada.

We will be the top Canadian retailer for the M4 AEG Electric Airsoft Rifle with underslung M203 Spring Grenade Launcher,

Some of the different models available are. as follows. we hope to offer some or all the the below in the future for sale to Canadian buyers.

Some of the manufacturers who you can find M4s made by in Canada are Aftermath, A&K, D-boys, Elite Force m4, UTG, Gameface, Olympic Arms ( a personal favorite), JG, ICS, KWA, Cybergun, CQB, Echo 1, TSD Sports, G&G Combat, UTG and VFC.

M4s are so widely produced as softair guns, that they come in many flavors and finishes. I've seen them in metal black, with camo or tan paint jobs, I've also seen them as close quarters weapons, assault airsoft and as sniper rifles.

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