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Canadian Air Soft Guns and Accessories

Airsoft is an exciting and growing sport in Canada. Tens of thousands of Canadians meet indoors, in fields and in other settings to duke it out in tacticool airsoft matches with authentic real world looking softair guns that shoot tiny plastic bbs.


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We are here to provide you with an opportunity to buy, sell, and discuss airsoft guns, accessories and to help you find venues in which to play the game. In the near future we will have soft air guns for sale by providing an online store front for you to buy items.

In addition to that, we will have an aftermarket shop, where you can sell & trade your airsoft gear with other users.

We will be the source for inexpensive, or cheap if you will, airsoft weapons of every size and class. In addition to our airsoft gun retail marketplace, we will offer Canadian users all types of airsoft accessories. Check out our navigation below to see all the type, brands, models and accessories we will have for sale.

Softair Guns Canada


Airsoft Accessories:

In this section you will be able to find the following accessories Air soft BBs (plastic pellets), Airsoft goggles, Airsoft, Magazines : Medium capacity, High Cap, Drum Magazines, Real Capacity

In addition to the standard accessories used commonly in airsoft matches, we will be including more hardcore accessories such as camouflage, scopes, red dot sights, armor, flashlights and other tacticool items

Airsoft Store

As we mentioned, we are working to become an airsoft dealer in Canada,. For now you can visit and bookmark our future store so you can check back to see when it is up. Visit our Airsoft Store here. And yes, in case you didn't deduce this, we ship exclusively to Canada.

Cheap Airsoft

If you're looking for inexpensive airsoft guns, we would like to think that all of the guns we will have for sale will be inexpensive compared to our peers. However, if you are looking for cheap (i.e. low quality) airsoft guns, then you will have to check out your local Walmart or Canadian Tire, as we will not likely be carrying these. There is a rather large difference between "cheap" and "inexpensive". We will help you define it. If you're on a budget and you need a decent airsoft gun, read this article.

Note: Are you looking for air guns instead (guns that's shoot lead pellets or BBs)? Check out this webpage: Canada Airguns.

About Airsoft

Airsoft is a sport in which participants use replica guns to fire plastic 6mm BBs at one another. It is usually played in an organized team-vs-team fashion and is rapidly growing in popularity in Canada and the USA. The guns are fired by either spring, manual pumping, compressed gases (be they Carbine dioxide co2 or Propane aka "Green Gas") or the new hybrid action. Modern airsoft guns use a "hop up" system to increase their range and accuracy.

Historically, Airsoft guns hail from Japan in the 1980s as owning firearms was illegal, but citizens wanted them - so replicas were born. The two main current manufacturers are listed above in our manufacturer section. Some of those others that make guns that may or may not be available in Canada are Celcius Technology, Crosman, G&P, HFC, ICS, Jing Gong, King Arms, KJ Works, Marushin, Maruzen, A&K, Western Arms, TOP, SRC, CYMA, G&G, Systema Engineering, Classic Army, Aftermath, AGM, KSC/KWA, KWC, Mad Bull Airsoft.

Airsoft Community in Canada

Airsoft Play Methods: MilSim (aka Military Simulation); Skirmishes (pickup games aka PUGs), and another method is Bush games

Airsoft by Province: Select your province for more information: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, PEI

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