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WW2 Airsoft Guns in Canada

There are many World War II themed Airsoft guns available in Canada. On this page we offer information and sales of each and everyone of them.


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WW2 was one of the most influential periods in miliary history. Due to this, and constant media pertaining to this great conflict, there are many many airsoft replica WW II era weapons available to soft air practitioners. Whether you want a WW2 themed gun for pick up games or you're into full on WW2 reenactments with airsoft players, youve come to the right place.

Below we will be discussing various airsoft WW2 weapons available. If the weapon has an article of its own, it will be hyperlinked as such.

WW2 airsoft guns

Allied Weapons:

Some of the allied ww2 weapons that are available or may be available to buy in canada. Below are British, Canadian, American, And Russian Airsoft replicas.

Axis Weapons

You can shop for various German, Japanese or Italian airsoft World war two replicas in Canada as well.