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AK 47 Airsoft Guns Canada

Canadians are as facinated with the Ak-47 as the rest of the world and have taken to using it in airsoft quite voraciously.

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The Ak-47 rifle is a prohibited gun in Canada. This means civilians who aren't grandfathered in can not use or own it. Airsoft has given Canadians the opportunity to have a very nice replica of this internationally popular weapon. The Airsoft Ak-47 , Ak-74s come in many different variants and manufactured by many different makers.

We will be offering, to you, for sale, in our shop, these very Ak-47 models that are listed below. We are working very hard to be able to get them to you and keep you fighting on the playing field

AK-47 Soft Air Manufacturers.

Actions: I've seen the AK-47 come in many different actions - Green gas, Co2, spring, manual, AEG (electric) and hybrid. It is really popular and available in all different actions and all different prices. A hopped up Ak-47 with a hybrid airsoft cartridge system and blow back is possibly the closest thing a Canadian can get to the real thing (still pretty far).