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Clear Airsoft Guns

Clear Airsoft Guns are available and very common in Canada. For the safety conscious, they are often considered to be a must have item. You can read more about them and will be able, in the future, to purchase them on this page.


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Clear airsoft guns are generally widely available at most big box stores that carry airsoft.

The primary goal of the these guns is to keep their users safe. The danger of a opaque airsoft gun is it may be mistaken for a real gun. The police may be phoned and accidents have occured in the past. With a clear gun, even the most near sighted individual will not mistake it for a real firearm (most likely).

It is our advice that opaque realistic looking airsoft guns should be only used on private, closed airsoft courses and the clear variety should be brandished elsewhere (where allowed).

Clear Airsoft guns for sale

In this section, in the future, we will be offering soft air guns of the clear variety for sale.