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Airsoft Accessories

There is a lot more to playing airsoft in Canada than just the guns. Depending on your level of play, you at least need a safety mask or goggles & ammo. If you are a higher level player, there are dozens of different items you need in your airsoft kit in order to successfully wage war. This page offers links to the various accessories deemed necessary for successful airsoft.



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Accessories Store

This portion of the site is devoted to the sale of different airsoft accessories. As usual, all ship Canada wide.


Protecting your face, eyes and teeth is especially important in airsoft when it comes to safety. Even low powered softair guns can potentially cause the loss of an eye. So be sure to wear eye protection for low powered (generally cheap electric) airsoft games and consider a full face mask for higher powered games.


In high powered air soft, some of the guns - especially single shot sniper variety guns - can break the skin. In this situation, it may be advisable to wear a protective suit when playing airsoft. You can get these in many varieties - from simple rubber, to full out camo guile suits.


If you're running an electric model gun, you will need the required batteries to keep in the game.


There are many other types of paramilitary type gear than airsoft players can wear, such as: bandoliers, utility belts and much more.


This one is a no-brainer. there are many different qualities of ammo. Depending on your range and velocity, you may wish to consider a different ammunition.


If you're running a gas gun, you will need to have the proper vessel for air.